Kaleidoscope Case Study Competition to challenge students’ business acumen

Imagine identifying new market opportunities for a Fortune 500 company, fixing the critical flaw in a multi-million dollar promotions strategy, or making recommendations to the board of a celebrated global brand.

The first ever Kaleidoscope Case Competition, happening from March 20-22 at UFV India, will simulate real-world business scenarios and challenge students to formulate solutions.

The case method is the cornerstone of applied business education. Cases, often written by Ivy League professors, present the data, first-person testimony, and financial records of real-world business problems. Students are then challenged to interpret the facts and solve the case.

“Participating in case discussions in the classroom has equipped me with new perspectives and business insights,” says BBA student Karanpreet Kaur Johar, President of the UFV India Debate Club, who is collaborating with UFV India Student Life to organize the Kaleidoscope event.

According to Karanpreet, in-class case studies have not only improved her understanding of business theory but have enhanced her ability to make intelligent business decisions. “Solving cases helped me look at business situations holistically to diagnose the problem and then come up with effective solutions.”

Now, Karanpreet is aiming to bring a more competitive case study experience to UFV India. To appeal to BA and BCIS students, they are even taking a multidisciplinary approach.

“We are aiming to provide students with the opportunity to think in different domains”, says Karanpreet.

The planned three-day-long competition is open to UFV India students from all programs. Three eliminatory rounds will challenge participants to identify the relevant issues of the case, develop sets of solutions, and prepare presentations for the jury. Jury members will then ask relevant questions to put students’ creativity and business acumen to the test.

“The winning teams will be receiving certificates”, says Karanpreet. “The experience will be so rewarding; the hustle that the teams will go through will make the winning position totally brag-worthy.”

Kaleidoscope has been designed to be challenging. The goal is to nurture future leaders via experiential learning and innovative thinking.

UFV India Professor Venkat Matoory understands the power of case studies to impact student development. He encourages all students to participate in a competitive case study.

“The competitive environment of a case competition enables and encourages students to test out business theories in a time bound manner”, says Professor Matoory. “ They help students internalize classroom information.”

Interested in forming a team? Register online to participate.


  • March 20, 21 & 22 // 5:00 – 6:30pm
  • Block A, UFV India
  • Open to UFV India BBA, BA, BCIS, and MPBC students
  • Open to 30 individuals (forming a total of 10 teams)
Three UFV India professors preparing to transfer to Canada