Master Achievers — UFV India Alumni make their mark at Windsor

UFV India alumni at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada are earning impressive titles: Vice President of the Student Advisory Council, Dean’s List Awardee, and Odette Accounting Society Coordinator just to name a few.

After being accepted to the University of Windsor’s Master of Management (MoM) program, alumni from the UFV Management Post-Baccalaureate Certificate (MPBC) program are quickly applying their knowledge and leadership abilities to the classroom and student leadership posts.

Shivam Chaudhary (UFV MPBC, 2017) was recently elected as the Vice President of Administration on the Odette School of Business’ Student Advisory Council.

“The council is run by student executives to bridge the gap between University management officials and students”, says Chaudhary. “We work for the betterment of students at Odette by hosting various workshops and programs.”

Outside of classes and his Council responsibilities, Chaudhary also works as a certified personal trainer at the University of Windsor’s fitness centre.  

Drisshti Mathur (UFV MPBC, 2017) has also become highly engaged during her 16-months in Ontario. She was elected by her peers as the Vice President of Academic Affairs under the MoM Student Advisory Council, selected as the Graduate Student Representative for the Dean Search Committee, and chosen as an Administrative Proctor.

UFV India alumni are also excelling on the academic front.

Siddharth Ajwani (UFV MPBC, 2017) was recently awarded for his strong academic achievement with a spot on the Odette School of Business’ Dean’s List. He was also an academic achiever while at UFV where he scored a 4.05 GPA and was awarded an academic achievement scholarship worth Rs 25,000.

So, what is the secret to their success? According to Shubham Singla, another engaged UFV India alumni at the University of Windsor, getting familiar with Canadian education while in India plays a big part.

“While some students had a hard time adjusting to the style of Canadian education, we [students from UFV India] were already experienced and had a greater advantage”, says Singla.

The UFV India MPBC program successfully prepares students for Canadian master’s programs. The MPBC also gives students with three-year Indian degrees a 16th year of university education that is needed to meet most Canadian master’s eligibility requirements.

“Our faculty at UFV India helped us get familiar with the ways of Canadian education and provided us with a prior insight of what we could expect at the University of Windsor”, Singla adds. “Now we are able to invest more time in value-adding activities such as jobs and community involvement”.

Gurseerat Sandhu (UFV MPBC, 2017), now in the middle of her stint at Windsor, is using her free time to mentor new students in the program.

“After coming to Windsor, I got involved with many campus activities, including participation in cultural events with the International Student Centre”, says Sandhu. “I was even appointed as the Internal Coordinator of the Odette Accounting Society. I hope to use these great learning experiences to help out new students.”

The first UFV MPBC batch graduated earlier this year with their Masters of Management from the University of Windsor. They now have the opportunity to enter the Canadian workforce as managers and leaders.