Know your clubs — UFV India announces Student Club leaders for session 2018-19

UFV India Student Club Presidents 2018-19

Recently, UFV Student Life Department invited applications for the executive body of ten student clubs actively running in the campus. After meeting certain academic prerequisites and going through a rigorous selection process, these students now form the new leadership body for UFV India Student Clubs.

The newly nominated presidents shared the vision for their clubs and what members can expect to gain as an experience when they join.

Ekam Raj Singh Mehta

President, Gaming Club | BBA II

What is the club about?

“The Gaming club aims to unite the gaming community to inculcate a spirit of teamwork and a sense of healthy competition.”

What will the members get to do?  

“Between long hours of classes, a gaming session can help provide some rejuvenation to the members. I also plan to introduce LAN Gaming and Server Based Gaming this year.”

Other executive members of the club include Vice President, Gautam Ghai (BCIS II).

Gurkirat Singh

President, Debate Club | BBA II

What is the club about?

“The UFV India Debate Club aims to teach members how to research, articulate arguments, and clarify their ideas on issues pertaining to politics, social change, and cultural topics.”

What will the members get to do?  

“The members will get to:

  • Express their views in an environment where clarification is a necessity;
  • Learn about the types of debate skills;
  • Participate in competitions to showcase their abilities in a competitive setting.

Students who actively engage in Debate Club activities are more prepared to speak clearly during interviews, and demonstrate a professional presence.”

Other executive members include Vice President, Manpreet Singh (BCIS II).

Manik Dhir

President, Metanoia Club | BBA II

What is the club about?

“Metanoia is a filmmaking club where the members will learn about acting, drama, direction, scriptwriting, cinematography, and much more. The club will help students develop their personality, gain leadership qualities, and get rid of stage fear by means of theatre.”

What will the members get to do?  

“Members will get to participate in various theatre workshops. We also plan to make a short film this year and collaborate with Clefs and Quavers to make a music video with Metanoia’s members.”

Manik was the president of the dramatics society at his school, starred along with the lead in 2 major annual days, and acted in various street plays. 

Other executive members include Vice President, Gurdev Pal Singh (BBA II).

Navneet Kaur

President, Dance to the Beat  | BBA II

What is the club about?

“Dance to the Beat club is all about expressing yourself through dance. The club includes a plethora of dance forms from classical to western, including Bhangra, Salsa, Zumba, Aerobics, and Freestyle.”

What will the members get to do?  

“In addition to enjoyment and improved fitness, the students will learn various dance forms, partake in sessions according to everyone’s schedules, perform as a team in external competitions as well as at various occasions at UFV.”

Other executive members include Vice President, Rosekamal Dhillon (BCIS II).

Nipun Goel

President, Impresario Club | BBA II

What is the club about?

“This club is for those who want to be future entrepreneurs, who are willing to enrich their skills in the development of their ideas.”

What will the members get to do?  

“The members can get firsthand experience as we plan to invite industry experts and mentors. We will also participate in and organize B-Plan competitions on the campus. Our mission is to encourage everyone to start thinking and initiating their own ideas.”

Nipun, in addition to interning with Muse Robotics in Greece this summer, also heads his own startup, Absn.Inc.

Other executive members include Secretary, Rajinder Singh (BCIS II).

Sadhvi Suri

President, UFV India Toastmaster Club | BCIS II

What is the club about?

Toastmasters International is a club that empowers more than 4 million people worldwide to become effective communicators and leaders. We, at UFV India Toastmasters, provide a platform for supportive and positive learning resulting in the development of better communication and leadership skills.”  

What will the members get to do?  

“Members will get to participate in club meetings that act as workshops which help students build skills such as ‘quick thinking’ with short speeches. We also have a goal to complete 10 speech projects, with each having a different learning target like body language, vocal variety, and more.”

Other executive members include Vice President Education Aditi Puri (BCIS II), Vice President Membership Shreya Jain (BCIS II), Vice President Public Relations Gautam Ghai (BCIS II), Secretary Gurkirat Singh (BBA II), Treasurer Rajinder Singh (BCIS II), and Sergeant at Arms Nipun Goel (BBA II).

Sanyam Sharma

President, Hypostatize Club | BBA II

What is the club about?

“Hypostatize or Photography Club is all about understanding the way one perceives the world and capturing it all under a digital lens. Because every picture tells a story.”

What will the members get to do?

“The members will develop their own way of looking at things and capturing them so that others can see the world through their eyes. They will learn how to work with the lights and angles. They can also take an active part in events in and around UFV India, and visit tourist locations in Chandigarh as a team.”

Check out Sanyam’s photography work here.

Other executive members include Vice President, Sadhvi Suri (BCIS II).

Sehajpreet Juneja

President, Serving Humanity Club | BBA II

What is the club about?

“Serving Humanity club is an initiative that builds a sense of empathy in students towards the society they live in.”

What will the members get to do? 

“The members will get to understand at root level about the hardships of the world. This year, along with engaging with orphanages, we will raise awareness about environmental issues like water crisis and plastic affecting marine life.”

Other executive members include Vice President Shreya Rakesh Jain (BCIS II), Manager Events Dhruv Bansal (BBA II), and Treasurer Abhinav Aggarwal (BBA II).

Vaibhav Kharbanda

President, Clefs & Quavers | BCIS II

What is the club about?

“Clefs & Quavers club is all about good music. Anyone who is interested in any kinds of music, be it playing an instrument, singing, or even beatboxing, is most welcome to the club.”

What will the members get to do?  

“We plan on creating a UFV India band, which the members will get to be a part of. We will organize jamming sessions, workshops, and training sessions. Every person should get an opportunity to go on a stage, in front of an audience, and perform. We will make that happen this year with loads of events. We will also collaborate with the Metanoia club on a short film by providing all the soundtrack.”

Other executive members include Vice President, Simran Chabba (BBA II).

Varundeep Singh Chaddha

President, Little Giants Sports Club | BBA II

What is the club about?

“This is a sports club for the students of UFV, Chandigarh campus. We currently have 4 sports under us, namely football, cricket, basketball and volleyball.”

What will the members get to do? 

“Members will get to de-stress from the long college hours and academic projects. One of our aims this year is to increase female participation in all sports activities.

  • For Football, we will have regular matches at Kickstart (Sector 44) or Strike Chd (Kaimbwala).
  • For Cricket, we will form a team and have practice sessions in SD college ground or in Sector 5, Chandigarh. We will be training for external events as well.
  • For Basketball, we will organize matches in the SD college court.
  • For Volleyball, we will form a team after trials and conduct practice sessions.”

Other executive members include Team Leads Rosekamal Dhillon, Volleyball (BCIS II), Jasnoor Singh, Basketball (BCIS II), Simarpreet Singh, Football (BCIS II), and Chakshu Passi, Cricket (BCIS II).

Students can apply to be a member of these Student Clubs until Saturday, 8th September 2018, midnight. Register here.