Be your best self — UFV India hosts expert lecture on mental health awareness

Dr. Sohan Chandel, a practicing clinical psychologist, recently gave a guest lecture at UFV India to teach students practical strategies for dealing with common mental health challenges.

Student Life coordinators Ravneet Sekhon, Saniya Kamra, and Tushar Gajwani were compelled to arrange the event to help combat the stigma surrounding mental health challenges.

According to the World Health Organization, mental health refers to a person’s well-being where they are able to realize their own potential, cope with the normal stressors in life, work constructively, and contribute to their community.

Student’s lives can become especially challenging when the pressure of exams, lectures, and new relationship stress begins to occur simultaneously.

“If students are not feeling emotionally right, they may not immediately know what the source of the problem is”, says Ravneet Sekhon, UFV India Student Life Assistant. “We wanted to let students know that there is always someone that they can talk to.”

The event was inspired by World Mental Health Day which occurs every October. The talk focused on relationships, social outrage, and peer pressure — topics highly relevant to university students.

“If you are stuck, please seek help”, urged Dr. Chandel, offering key advice for students who may be struggling with anxiety or depression. “Say what is bothering you, do not compare yourself to others, and have patience in your life”.

To support student well-being, UFV India provides free counselling services by a professional clinical psychologist on an appointment basis.

Free and confidential counselling sessions are also available at UFV in Canada.

Are you a UFV India student dealing with a mental health challenge? Make a free appointment now with the UFV India Clinical Psychologist.