Prepare. Participate. Win. Repeat — A Competitive Rapture

Students have the potential to bring about change to society, and at our house of transformation, more often than never, students show their calibre at events. After attending the lectures by their professors, they get to implement their learnings in real-life situations and scenarios.

Students of UFV and members of the toastmasters club took part in a toastmaster’s event held at Thapar University. A total of 37 people who made up for six teams took part in the event, of which two were from Chandigarh.

“It was a great experience, and we got a lot of exposure. I was of the notion that people join toastmasters only for credit points. Still, after this event, I realized that people want to voice their opinions and speak publically”, said Khushi Verma, a team member with Aniket, Aayush, Anhad and Siddharth. The team may not have won a position in the competition, but one really can’t lose if you keep learning. The team was in high spirits and more than ready to nail the next event the next time.

Another team took part in a ‘Business Crisis Competition’. Managing a business is as difficult as it is rewarding. While a number of things can go awry, there can be some catastrophic situations that an entrepreneur may have to counter. Being an able leader is only half the job done; the other half is crisis management skills.

A team of Fraser Valley India constituting of Ishant, Tushar, Harmanjot and Harkirat Singh took part in a Business Crisis Competition. Here, the teams were given a situation and they had to strategize the best way of managing the situation in the best suitable way. They were presented with a case study of Britannia, where there was an outbreak of infection in their production facility. Upon further investigation, it was reported that their products that were sent out for delivery for the festive season were also infected. The teams were judged on their skills to manage the crisis and how practical and profitable their solutions were.

Bagging the 2nd position in such competitions exhibit how brilliant a team’s leadership qualities are and a show of entrepreneurial skills.

Another team of students got the opportunity to represent the university at the ‘Wall Street Business Challenge’ held at bits Pilani, Hyderabad. The team cleared the first round, which had more than 250 student registration and advanced to the final round. The team was required to solve a case study in 3 hours and present it to the judges in 10 minutes. The delegation included Rohan Singh (2nd-year BBA), Sahib Jit Singh (1st-year BBA ) and Tarini Sandhu ( 1st year BBA ). Ms. Shubhi Gupta accompanied the students to the competition. The case study involved analyzing a real company. The judge’s panel included the founders of the given company. The students learned the importance of adaptability, forming solutions under time a time constraint and performing under pressure.

Taking parts in such competitions gives students an exposure like no other. To be ready for the future, competitions like these and an excellent faculty to guide the students is the perfect mix for a sure-shot transformation.