The travelling sikh — Jasman Sahni’s ode to travelling, photography, and his faith

With the digital age ushering in a higher demand for content, the visual storytelling business has become a competitive and thriving industry. Creating blogs has come out as a by-product of the recent upshift in this industry. Jasman Singh Sahni, a business administration student, jumped on this bandwagon to carve out his own space in this world, to be now known as —

“The Travelling Sikh.”

Sahni always had a knack for photography, and his love of blogging definitely created a buzz on the campus. Who knew Jasman’s idea would be the precise fit for the burgeoning industry. Travel bloggers are identified by the places they’ve visited, and the stories they told, Sahni is no exception. His blog caters to a broad spectrum of readers, from travellers wanting to manoeuvre the arid lanes leading to Ladakh, Rajasthan and Delhi to foodies wishing to explore the broad palette offered in the streets of Amritsar. His wide spectrum of content brought Jasman to his next unforeseen challenge — how to reach his target audience?

“When my blog was in its infancy, I used to get zero views for days, and it was demotivating. How to reach a greater audience was a new territory for me to explore.” Social media came to the rescue here. Spreading the word and showcasing his work helped in directing some traffic to the site. With the right use of Instagram and WhatsApp, he was able to reach his friends without shelling out extra money on sponsoring his blog.

Drafting a blog may have some common challenges, but the memories a blogger makes over their explorations are far from ordinary. Jasman recalls that his travels have led him to life-changing friendships with some of the most fascinating and inspirational people he has ever met. On his visit to Rajasthan, he made friends with people from Australia and the Philippines. By going to places and staying in hostels, Jasman has spent a lot of time with new people gaining rich experiences, which he translates into his blog.

Sahni plans to invest the current lockdown period to revisit old travel stories and write informative posts sharing travelling and photography tips.