From bashful to bold – Jasleen Sandhu, FVI business alumna starts her own venture in Canada

Over a conversation with Jasleen Kaur Sandhu, as we asked her about her time in the Fraser Valley India campus in Chandigarh, she could not help but shed a few tears of joy. From the time she spent working at FVI’s Student Company Program to joining the Serving Humanity club, Jasleen augmented her experiences from the time she spent here in India.

The ‘India Story’

It was back in 2016 when Jasleen joined as a shy, conservative student. Little did we know that Jasleen was a jewel, waiting to gleam.

“I had never planned to go to Canada, but life has its way to take you places. The energy and the vibe at the Chandigarh campus were enchanting. I transferred after one year of joining, but I wished I could spend all those years in Chandigarh itself.”

Joining Tags as the procurement manager and working in the marketing department as well, she realized that marketing is what clicked.

“The Student Company aided me to grow as an individual. The learnings from the student company were immense, both individually and professionally.”

While in the Student Company Program, she made sure that she gained as much knowledge as possible. Serving humanity, a student club, was also on Jasleen’s checklist.

“The time I spent in the India campus, where I transformed, was amazing. From being a demure person to being able to talk to anyone and everyone, I felt good about it.”

The campus in Chandigarh is like a tight-knit family, where students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, with support and guidance. Jasleen Kaur Sandhu is the perfect textbook example of what we do.

Charms of Canada

Learning at every step of the company, Jasleen transferred to Canada to continue her education.

“As I transferred to Canada, things got a little tricky. I was already accustomed to the education system here, which was a great help. I was able to focus on all the other important things, like gaining professional experience, getting to know the town, etc. I grabbed knowledge left-right-center. I worked as a financial sales representative, and I felt that marketing was my forte. One of our professors took us to a store one as a field trip and asked us a simple question standing at one end of the aisle, ‘What do you see in the aisle?’ ”

For the next hour, the question baffled Jasleen and her classmates. “When our professor made us observe the various packs, colours, and the variety of the items on those shelves, their packaging, it instantly became second nature to me. I was taken aback by the practical application of the subjects. There wasn’t a better, more fascinating way to learn and study.”

The Social Bee

Standing a pivotal point, ‘The Social Bee’ is one of the two ventures Jasleen plans to pursue.

While the pandemic has been giving a back-breaking time to all small and big businesses alike, Jasleen has kept faith in her vision, worked extremely hard, and started her venture against all odds.

As the world slowly and steadily starts to recover from uncertainties, Jasleen intends to lead the change for the small business owners. She understands the potential of social media platforms and the fact that it is a relatively unexplored area for this category.

Based out of Abbotsford, Sandhu intends to expand her venture’s professional services to cater to them, and more.