UFV BBA alumnus explores an alternate approach to fight COVID-19

While this pandemic has laid heavy on man’s ability to surmount this scale of adversity, everyone has confronted challenges one after the other. But, just as every cloud has a silver lining, this global health crisis has seen many unsung heroes rising to the task. 

Here’s how Nakul Mishra, BBA Class of 2014 alum, has relentlessly strived to have a natural strategy for one of humankind’s biggest natural disasters. 

Nakul started his own Ayurvedic venture that focuses on building a strong immunity to fight coronavirus; upheld by colossal medical research and breaking the barriers of many cliche´s linked with ayurvedic medicine. Nakul retails various products from a complete cover, blood purifier, power enhancer to immunity builders and strength builders. 

Here is how Mishra reached the place to steer the change and contribute to his community.

Tell us a little bit about your professional journey and current venture.

“I’m a fourth-generation into my family business of imports and exports. We’re majorly deal in botanical herbs, spices, and dry fruits. We import them from countries like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Dubai, Russia, Mongolia, to name a few, and supply it to all the major pharmaceutical companies in our country like Dabur, Himalaya, and Patanjali. We have been established in our trade for the past six decades.”

“The lockdown during this year’s pandemic ignited a spark in me to break out and begin a journey of my own. I aimed at giving something back to society through the means of Ayurveda. Being stuck at home in a complete lockdown kind of a situation, I began working on this line of products to help people develop a strong Immune System. Taking cognisance of The Ayush Ministry‘s strongly issued guidelines, I came up with a line of products to use and consume these ancient traditional herbs. Our Prime Minister’s address about being ‘Aatamanirbhar‘ (self-sufficient) and ‘Vocal for Local’ (encourage Made in India products) further strengthened the fire in me to come up with a range of products that would help our community”

“Six months down the road, having 10 different sale outlets in various cities of Punjab, being available on one of the premier online selling portals in the country such as Amazon Prime, having reached out to 1 lakh families across our country and generating revenues over 2 million, Vedthy has proven to be a blessing in disguise for me. The constant recognition of doing something for society’s betterment gives me the utmost pleasure and satisfaction that I have created value during this pandemic. “

People call Covid19 – A pragmatic plan for Ayurveda intervention. What do you think about this? 

“A cliché, Prevention is better than cure, has again taken over our lives during this pandemic. Ayurveda is like choosing prevention and strengthening our immune system for a happier today and a healthier tomorrow. Various case studies and experimental research have factually proven that Ayurveda is a boon during current times. Millions of people have turned towards it to keep themselves healthy and safe. In fact, even Millennials, the new age generation who had lost touch with our Indian traditional medicine system, have acknowledged the role and importance of Ayurveda.”


Ayurveda is a form of medicine that doesn’t see a lot of spotlight. What are some solutions, and how does ‘Vedthy‘ break this barrier?

“Before this pandemic, Ayurveda was always a subject of belief. People always knew that it was around, but it just wasn’t backed up with the confidence of facts and figures. This pandemic has resulted in various research and studies proving that Ayurveda is just not a subject of belief. It is backed by overwhelming results and figures to indicate that it deserves the respect that it once had during ancient times. 

My brainchild – Vedthy, is solely focused on creating awareness about Ayurveda’s miraculous uses during current times. The product line aims to educate people on this Indian way of healing and cure through the medium of sacred herbs that have proven to be effective since ancient times.”

Tell us something about your line-up of products.

Our all-natural, 100% vegan, sugar-free, and plant-based products have been derived from ages-old carefully crafted Ayurvedic home remedies. These remedies have been backed by hundreds of years of Ayurvedic research and Data. Our product line consists of – 

  • Immunity Booster – Herbal Kadha
  • Healer – Haldi (Turmeric/curcumin) Tablets
  • Strength Builder – Giloy (Gudducchi) Tablets
  • Stress Buster – Ashwagandha Tablets
  • Throat Relief – Mulethi(Licorice) Powder
  • Blood Purifier – Neem Tablets
  • Power Enhancer – Shilajit Gold Capsules

Great to hear about Vedthy! We’d love to hear more about your time at UFV. What was the one determiner that helped you choose UFV?

“The hands-down practical knowledge of the real business world was my biggest factor in studying at the UFV. Unlike other Indian business schools, UFV has always believed in imparting less of theoretical and more practical knowledge to be imparted to its pupils. The all-around personality grooming curriculum of the UFV helped me build up a wider perspective of the horizon of how business can be done internationally. Being into imports and exports, my exposure at UFV has helped me by leaps and bounds.”

How did your experience at UFV help you be more professionally competent after graduation?

“UFV was my major source of exposure. Being from Amritsar’s small town, I wasn’t one of the most disciplined students in my class. However, the basic framework of completing a course in UFV needed the utmost discipline. I couldn’t miss my classes, I had to be absolutely prim and proper with my assignments, submissions, quizzes, I could not miss my midterms or final exams. All these things that used to feel such a pain back in the day have made me the person I am today. Being punctual and respecting each other’s time is one of my major takeaways from my time at the UFV.”

How was student life like at the Chandigarh Campus? What about Canada?

“Answering this question is so nostalgic. It’s like I’ve hit a sudden rewind button of all those good old days in the City Beautiful. The college life at our Chandigarh campus was absolutely brilliant. Three hours of one subject with one short 15-minute break to the canteen and out, no-nonsense. Those were such amazing days and big learning curves that have taught me how to live independently and improve myself as a person. 

On the other hand, my stay at UFV Canada was the biggest exposure platform in my life. Being in a different time zone and continents away from my house’s luxury was the biggest eye-opener for me in this lifetime. The number of lessons I learned every day taught me to respect money, relationships, the importance of working hard, and enjoying your success.

The friends that I made at college and the times we had are still etched in my heart and live on with me every day. I know it’s a cliché, but if I had a chance to go back and live those memories again, I would go back in a heartbeat. University is where the heart is.” 

With the ever-evolving pandemic situation, uncertainties and stress have gripped every student alike. What would be your advice to a student who finds these times challenging and never-ending, considering they stand at a pivotal juncture?

“We’re all going through something that no one has ever gone through and we’re all dealing with new challenges every single day. We’re all learning and trying to evolve with each passing day. I personally think that there is nothing to stress about this pandemic situation. 

I have my own start-up at the age of 28. If you would’ve asked me about this a few months ago, I would’ve laughed it off. Vedthy is such a prime example of age being just a number and finding your calling at any point in your life.

I firmly believe that a crisis also comes with an opportunity. We need to think out of the box and create something that stands out. I would like to wish all the students of UFV all the very best for all their future endeavours. They are in great hands, and I’m sure that they’ll make themselves and their families extremely proud in the near future. God Bless all!”