Manpreet Dhaliwal’s journey and how he braved the odds.


There was a lot of innovation and creativity involved in what we call the ‘new normal’ in today’s and age. Everyone has come out victorious as we see the pandemic coming to a gradual end. Many followed their passions that they always wanted to, and many marked a new beginning for new ventures for themselves, like one of our alumnus, Manpreet Dhaliwal. 

After graduation, while Manpreet was in a predicament to decide what suits him best, the lockdown was imposed before picking a side. But, Manpreet took the time to his benefit and decided to start a digital marketing agency. Here’s the start of a journey that we hope reaps the best for Manpreet in the future. 


There is a tectonic shift between the Indian education system when compared to the Canadian applied education system. In what ways do you think the latter is beneficial? Do you feel your college prepared you for the workforce and the real world?
What is vital in this day and age is to have good communication skills and contemporary knowledge. This necessitates learning of the concepts applied in the current environment and practical assignments and projects that help implement such learning. This is precisely what was given in the Fraser Valley India, unlike ancient scriptures taught in many Indian institutions. What I know is that UFV has that impeccable tutelage system. I can assert it with any inhibition that the UFV helped me morph into the person I am today. 

If given a chance to graduate all over again, what would you do differently?
I think this journey was sufficed. I had the opportunity to meet such people who have become my trustful companions. I got to learn cohesion, smart work and productivity. To deduce, I wouldn’t like to have any deviation from the journey I had.

What do you think are some insecurities that international students face? Did you face any such insecurities, if yes, how did you manage to overcome them?
I think students aren’t able to honour the commitments they are asked to comply with. Not because of their whim but the responsibilities that escalate. However, once they find their feet in the new environment and adjust with the new responsibilities, they revert to their usual track.

How did you come with the idea of starting your venture?
During my last semester, I had decided to go to States and continue to ascend the ladder of academics. But, the pandemic made all of my planning go down the drain. However, the silver lining was that I got a lot of time to evaluate my options. Since the outset, my goal was to be a business developer and help companies develop business strategies. This made me realise that why shouldn’t I embark my career journey by assisting companies around me. And, then I got the revelation of starting my own company, Talwart.

They say that starting any venture is the most challenging part. What was one such challenge, and how did you overcome it?
Starting is difficult, but managing is the real game. During its inception, client acquisition was a bit difficult. Given the pandemic, the companies were trenching and trying to cut corn ore from everywhere. Developing a base of right clients was becoming difficult. No one was ready to experience any more changes in their business dynamics. To make them understand the benefits that they will have from our service, we started giving trials. Like this, we were able to enlighten them about our services’ need and bring them on board.

Why the digital marketing industry? What was a determiner that made you choose this specific industry to start a venture?
Just look at the trend. Every day the technology and convenience are rising at a meteoric speed. Business and customers are experience changes that they don’t even realise. So, why not do something that will be the result of these two forces. Digital Marketing helps the businesses align with the technology and supports the people connect with the brands more conveniently. In a nutshell, it is the future of marketing.

Where do you plan to take your Talwart? What are some future goals that you plan on?
Right now, my goal is to create a good presence in the domestic market. After bolstering the roots, we might aim to take our operation in Canada. The goal is to indubitable the growth of the company.

How did your experience at FVI/UFV help you find your first/right position for work after graduation?
UFV gave us a lot of projects that evaluated our different capabilities on various perimeters. Through this, I assessed my penchants and fortes, and accordingly, I took the decision.

Tell us about a time when you have taken the initiative while in India. What made you choose the right opportunity for you?
Honestly, I never took any working opportunity before in India. Though, I did my internship in Egypt through AIESEC. In India, what encouraged me to go there were the UFV professors. In the class, we used to discuss the topics and stories. Seminars and projects cleared the air and enthused me. The learning I got from there gave me the direction.

How was student life like at the Chandigarh Campus?
Well, it was a life brimmed with responsibilities, disagreements and breakthroughs. I was fortunate to meet and fabricate relations With people who stood by even today. I had the opportunity to experience the immaculate Pedagogy from our professors. I had the chance to make mistakes and learn from them, though objective and constructive criticism from the faculty and friends. These four years indeed left a beautiful and indelible mark.

With the ever-evolving pandemic situation, uncertainties and stress have gripped every student alike. What would be your advice to a student who finds these times challenging and never-ending, considering they stand at a pivotal juncture?
There is a Chinese proverb: it’s better to go slow then standing still. Our lives are fraught with surprises and shocks. One should slow their car when they hit some speed bumps and return to the average speed after passing them. Students should not haste in uncertainty, and instead, they should evaluate their options, find/hone their skills and plan for the future. The silver lining from this pandemic is we got considerable time in solace—time to think deeply about ourselves and our goals.