The Epitome Of Perseverance – Himalya Sharma

The Epitome Of Perseverance – Himalya Sharma 


While most people tend to believe that education is what happens only within the four walls of a classroom, this archaic definition of learning does not apply to the modern, dynamic world. Today, learning entails everything and anything that helps you become better each day. 

The journey of our star student of the BCIS batch of 2020, Himalya Sharma is a testament to that. From being outstanding at academics to actively taking part in co-curricular, Himalya has been an all-around achiever throughout his years at FVI and UFV Canada. His ability to grasp onto opportunities, both within and outside the classrooms has given his life an upward trajectory.

Dive right in to get an insight into his eventful and inspiring journey. 


Please shed some light on your professional journey and your current job.

I think I’ve been fortunate in my professional journey as I have had the opportunity to work in different areas in the field of my choice.

Being a student from UFV, I can attest to how much it offers and promotes various programs for professional growth including internships, co-op programs, and on-campus jobs. Ever since my first year, I enrolled in the internship program where I received my first hands-on experience in the professional world when I worked with OneBCG. 

Since then, when I transferred to Canada, I worked as a Research Assistant, Lab Monitor, both on campus as well, and did 3 co-ops, all with health authorities of the British Columbia Government. Outside of this, I’ve also pursued roles off-campus in my field: IT Support Technician, Web Developer, and Apple Service Technician.

Currently, I’m working with Fraser Health Authority, which is a part of the British Columbia Government as a Software Developer, the same place I did my co-op in. Apart from that, I’m also actively involved in multiple roles where I strive to challenge myself. It includes Web Developer in a firm in Abbotsford (Design2Web IT, Inc), and a Development Partner in 2 Startup companies: ChainRacers and SerumLabz in the crypto space (making NFT’s, its algorithms, and add-ons).


What are your professional aspirations for the next 5 years?

I plan to acquire more and more skills, there’s just so much to learn and experiment with. I want to explore the business space and the IT world. In addition to growing professionally, in 5 years, I aim to gain enough knowledge to kickstart and have a functioning company with the help of my partners/friends.

Here we’re aiming to provide different kinds of IT solutions to the society where we will focus on affordability and a customer-centric approach and they all can make use of it.


In what ways do you think FVI impacted where you are now and where you plan to be?

Although there are many aspects that I am thankful to my university for, there’s been 3 main things that stand out which I specifically want to mention:

All the connections you build in a university in India, you get to transfer with them all to a new country, so it’s like you are taking your entire base of connections already there with you. This really gives a kickstart in your social life there.

The other is the co-curricular activities and co-op programs/internships that UFV offers. Back when I was studying at FVI, I did an internship with OneBCG which really helped me get a sense of the corporate world and catapult my career by giving me direct insights into the industry-specific tools, languages, and tasks. Even when I transferred to Canada, the Co-op program was extremely helpful and the company that I got a co-op with called me back for the job even before I graduated. It is of great help and gives an advantage in the competitive career-driven world that is out there.

Even when I talk about clubs, we had the freedom to create our own clubs and have opportunities to run them as part of their executive team which helps develop management skills, as well as financial skills which are crucial in the professional world. In my personal experience as the Vice President of Toastmasters Club for a year and a half, I’ve seen how much it can aid in delivering presentations, company meetings, speeches, and management skills.


How was your experience of studying at FVI?

It was a very holistic and all-around experience that I had at UFV India (now, Fraser Valley India). We had classes most days of the week and even co-curricular activities like clubs and student company program, all on the same days. 

The classes focus on practical learning which is a MUST in the CIS program. Specifically, the professors have industry experience, so we are learning about the latest technologies that exist. Clubs and events like Toastmasters, Diwali events, and excursion trips, on the other hand, are extremely interactive, fun, and full of life, they help us learn a lot of life skills. 


How do you think your experience was any different from another student transferring to Canada through any other way?

First off, we get a direct transfer from here to UFV Canada, without any hassle, since there are wonderful professors and staff at FVI who answer all the doubts. While going to Canada, many people feel dissociated and alienated from the new environment since they don’t know as many people there. This is also mitigated since we get to build a circle here which transfers with us to Canada. 

In a new country, this circle also becomes your own mini family there which is with us through thick and thin. I think this is not only an efficient but also a very helpful way for a student to transfer to Canada.


How was student life here at FVI?

One word? Awesome. I cannot recount the number of memories I have had here.

All the trips, the excursion activities, the club activities, events like Diwali nights, trips to other cities for activities like marathons, workshops, events, and our very own entertainment room aka The Lounge where we played pool and chess, I cannot emphasize on how much I miss all that. 

It being a smaller campus also helped since that meant everybody knew everybody, so it also created a very cozy and safe environment. A HUGE HEARTFELT THANKS to the student life team and the university for all the amazing memories. Probably the best student life team that any college has.


What was the one factor that made you choose FVI?

The idea that you could spend 2 years at FVI and 2 years at UFV Canada was a huge deciding factor for me. I felt that both financially and mentally, it was a very efficient way to transition to Canada. Staying in the comfort zone of our home, we could learn all the key things which would prepare us for our life in Canada. I strongly believe it was a win-win.