The Road Not Taken – Ganimat Chadha 

In a country like India, people tend to follow the traditional paths that have been prevalent for a long time. A similar situation also exists in the case of academic and professional decisions. It takes immense courage to decide to go in a different direction from what is the conventional norm.

Ganimat Chadha, a young girl from Chandigarh, decided to challenge the stereotypes, took the uncommon path, and followed her heart. She pursued her inherent passion in the Humanities and became a part of the first-ever batch of Bachelors of Arts (BA) from Fraser Valley India.

Take a look at her journey through the University of the Fraser Valley and her professional endeavors in Canada! 


How was your experience of studying at FVI and then taking a transfer to UFV Canada?

I learned about FVI through Qbiz when I was in Grade 12 and had been interested in joining the university ever since. I was lucky enough to be in time to apply for my offer letter and got the opportunity to join the university. Being in the very first batch of Bachelors of Arts in FVI, I was able to learn and understand so much about studying in Canada without even being in Canada. It was a very unique experience and my parents were happy that I was gaining the correct knowledge and experience to be able to take care of myself in Canada. 

I finished my first 8 semesters in the Chandigarh campus before taking the transfer to the Canadian Campus and I was fully prepared to face all the new challenges that were coming my way.  My time and experience at the Chandigarh campus are absolutely unforgettable and I am grateful to have been a part of the FVI family.

At FVI, we were taught about discipline and time management along with punctuality which prepared us so well to support ourselves once we land in Canada. The support system we had at the campus and the individual attention that each and every student received is something that I did not expect but was pleasantly surprised to receive. We received the correct guidance for our Visa Application as well. 

The student engagement activities and clubs used to keep us active and involved and gave us a chance to socialize and make such great memories. If I had the chance, I would have loved to spend my entire course of the degree at the FVI campus. I am happy that my parents and I made the right choice. The guidance and advice that I received from the entire team and all the professors were great and prepared me so well for my path to the future.

Currently, I am working as a Communications and Administrative Assistant at a non-profit organization and I could not be happier about the way my life has turned out to be.