How Dinkey Verma Covered The Journey From An All-Rounder Student To A Successful Psychology Professional

How Dinkey Verma Covered The Journey From An All-Rounder Student To A Successful Psychology Professional

Fraser Valley India strongly believes in giving each child numerous opportunities during their years here to groom themselves. From academics to co-curricular, there is no dearth of avenues to showcase talents and develop essential life skills.

One student who has made the most of these platforms is Dinkey Verma. From being a dedicated student ambassador to displaying excellent leadership skills during Qbiz, from taking La Blesence to new heights to being a top academic achiever, Dinkey has proved to be a valuable addition to everything.

With her confidence, charm, skills, and knowledge, Dinkey Verma, an alumna of the BA 2022 batch, continue to make us proud. Here’s a sneak peek into her story!

Please shed some light on your professional journey and your current job.

My professional journey started all the way back in India, where apart from the academics, I was also a part of almost every co-curricular activity or busy acquiring skills like running the student company program, learning how to ace interviews, or doing research work.

Before completing my degree, I made sure I had worked hard to get Canadian experience, especially in the field of psychology, where setting up a niche is extremely vital.

From occupying the role of Behaviour Interventionist as a part of a practicum to getting trained as a professional in the field of mental health, I currently work as Acquired Community Employment Skill Specialist with Connective, which is the oldest and largest social service agency in British Columbia. Covering more than four regions of British Columbia, my expertise is to provide treatment, training, and employment to individuals at risk of mental health and addiciton.

What are your professional aspirations for the next 5 years?

Given how my Canadian journey has been so uplifting and full of new experiences, I aspire to be a clinical psychologist in the upcoming years. I wish to provide my services in the field of mental health more extensively; given the rise of mental health disorders, it is vital to have an equal amount of awareness on how to combat it appropriately.

Also, I am not sure if AI or talking to chatGPT would provide a crying shoulder or helping hand to those who need help from mental health professionals.

In what ways do you think FVI impacted where you are now and where you plan to be?

FVI was an open house of opportunities where we could learn and grow at the same time. As long as I was a part of it, I made sure I participated in every activity or competition that was held.

Although it was not necessary, it impacted my confidence and elevated my skillset from a student to a professional in no time. By the time I reached Canada, a country where experience is preferred over paper at any time, my competence levels and efficiency were better than the majority of people competing for similar jobs.

How was your experience of studying at Fraser Valley India?

My experience of FVI has been incredible because not only did I gain professional experience, which added to my expertise and prowess, but I also made wonderful friends who became a family away from home.

The journey in Canada is a rollercoaster, but FVI made the transition so much easier and helped us grow indefinitely in a country where individuals from all over the world are racing against each other.

How do you think your experience was any different from another student transferring to Canada through any other way?

Individuals moving to Canada via any other way are set to begin their journey alone and encounter a lot of problems which include emotional, mental, and sometimes financial troubles.

FVI provided a middle ground for students to live in an Indo-Canadian environment and made it easier to transition to Canada. The gradual development of life skills needed in Canada and understanding the difference between Canadian and Indian academics made everything so smooth and helped in maintaining a work-life balance once we came here.

I believe a lot of students coming here via different pathways do not get to experience this amazing journey.

How was student life here at FVI?

I have been one of those students who has participated in every event offered by student life. From leading clubs to hosting events like Qbiz, participating in festivities, and running a student company program – I have been everywhere.

My experience has been awesome and eventually made my resume distinct from others. Looking back only brings nostalgia to the amazing university life FVI provided us.

What was the one factor that made you choose Fraser Valley India?

Prioritizing work-life balance is a very underrated skill in Indian work culture. From day one, being taught to understand what to priortize and when to priortize was one of the factors that made my decision really easy to choose FVI.

FVI understands what workload is appropriate for students, how originality is the key to great work ethics, and how maintaining a work and life balance is key to a healthy life and clear mind. Looking back, I appreciate my decision to choose FVI as my learning institution!