Early Entry Program

Get ahead with pre-semester Math and French training

Register early and take advantage of complementary training to gain a distinct advantage in the classroom and beyond. In the five-week Early Entry program, you:

  • Prepare to ace your math courses through Algebra and Trigonometry training
  • Develop your personality through personality development workshops
  • Be introduced to the French language to enhance your employability in Canada

Fall 2024 Early Entry Program enrolments are now open.

Upgrade your math skills

MATH TRAINING — Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry

Refresh your math knowledge and prepare to ace math-based courses in your program. Your training reviews operations with real numbers and the solution of linear equations. It introduces linear inequalities; the solution of quadratic, rational, and radical equations; operations with polynomial, rational, and radical expressions; and the graphing of equations, particularly linear equations.

Learn French and gain a distinct advantage

FRENCH TRAINING — Introduction to French

Become familiar with one of Canada’s official languages and open additional employment opportunities. Discover the French language through an intensive study of pronunciation, vocabulary, and structure to develop “creative communication.”

Build character and cultural intelligence

Personal development workshops

Get a head start on developing the cultural intelligence required to succeed abroad. Learn and practice strategies for effective cross-cultural communication and become prepared to succeed in this next major step of your education.

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Transferable credits • Applied education • Globally recognized