Preparing for class made simple

Preparing for class made simple

It’s time to start preparing to make the most of your education at UFV.

With classes beginning next month, it’s time to start preparing to make the most of your education at UFV.

Since our teaching methodology and curriculum structure is very different from what you’re used to, we’ve prepared a list of things that will help you prepare better to study at UFV. 


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Consider purchasing a laptop

For future global professionals, being savvy on a well-functioning laptop is paramount.

You don’t even have to spend big. 

Lucky for you, there are many high-quality laptops on the market today that are packed with great features and are reasonably priced.

Here is a list of the best budget laptops for 2019.

Have formal attire ready

As students of UFV, you will be engaged in daily interactive sessions, delivering presentations, attending industry sessions, meeting Indian and Canadian officials, and being a part of a professional environment. Having a couple of sets of formal attire is always encouraged for young leaders. 

Broaden your mindset

You’ll are now part of a community of people from all over the globe as Canada is a country that appreciates and encourages multiculturalism. So, be open to others’ cultures and be aware of your own. 

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