Mike Ivanof

Mike Ivanof


Associate Professor

School of Business, Chandigarh, Block A


Mike Ivanof is a Global citizen with a career that spans more than a dozen countries on four continents. His career combines substantive industry experience in finance and business development, and over a decade in academia.  His academic research interests revolve mainly around Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility.

  • Ilsever, J., Ivanof, M., Leung, R. 2014. “An Exploratory Study of International Accounting Harmonization and Transparency Impact on Capital Markets: An Innovative Approach into Efficient Accounting Reporting System in Canada.” – Paper presented at Istanbul Management Conference 2014.
  • Ivanof, M., Dayanandan, A. & Donker, H. 2014. “Illegal Insider Trading and Corporate Ownership Structure: The Efficiency of the Acquisitions Markets and the Exploitation of Information Asymmetry in the Context of Corporate Ownership Structure.” InderScience Publishers Journal, Online.
  • Ivanof, M. “Corporate Governance and Political Parties” Roger M. Barker, Oxford University Press – Book Review article published in the Journal of Corporate Governance and Ethics
  • Ivanof, M., Dayanandan, A. & Donker, H. 2014. Illegal Insider Trading adn Corporate Governance. The International Journal of Corporate Governance
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