Master of Global Business (MGB) — University of Victoria


Master of Global Business
(Delivered and granted by the University of Victoria)


12-16 MONTHS


Study at universities in three countries/continents, depending on your path choice. Countries include Canada, Taiwan, Austria, France, Korea, Peru, Scotland, and Thailand.









Become eligible for the University of Victoria Master of Global Business by first completing the FVI Global Masters Pathway in Chandigarh.

Have a three-year Indian bachelor’s degree? Start with the Global Masters Pathway (GMP) at Fraser Valley India in Chandigarh to become eligible for this program (Note: Student must fulfil all UVIC program requirements in order to become eligible).

One amazing adventure: three countries and a global internship
Designed for business graduates from Canada and across the world, the UVic MGB offers a unique mixture of applied learning and international experience. Living, working and studying in up to four different countries, you discover how business is done in an international environment and develop career skills you can apply across the world through an immersive, culturally-focused graduate program.

Four Paths, three countries, four continents
With a choice between four distinct global Paths, you have the opportunity to travel to North America, Europe, and South America or Asia, providing a diverse, enriched and fully-rounded business, study and cultural experience.

Innovative and integrative format
Learn from professors who are experts in their fields, as well as from your global cohort, integrating academic and experiential learning into one complete experience. Alongside business fundamentals, you study global leadership and cross-cultural intelligence, learn a new language, and engage with real business clients on your major consulting project. By completion of the program, you are equipped with an extensive skillset for doing business in a global environment.

The curriculum includes courses in International Finance, International Marketing, Global Strategy, Global Supply Chain Management, Consulting Methods and more. You also study courses that are unique to the MGB program, such as Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence as well as Language, Communication and Global Business.

Your global mindset and skillset: your unique value proposition
By graduation, you have:

  • a global mindset that facilitates decision-making and enhanced international leadership skills
  • an ability to deal with the challenges of international business
  • an understanding of the comparative socio-economic environments of North America, South America, Asia and Europe
  • a high level of cultural awareness and capacity to work effectively with individuals and organizations from across the world


Your MGB degree opens a wide range of internship and career opportunities.

Your global and personal skillset
Graduates of the program gain distinct attributes such as:

  • A well-developed global mindset that facilitates decision making
  • Strong understanding of global business issues
  • First-hand knowledge of the business contexts of North America, Europe, Asia and South America
  • Real consulting experience with a corporate client
  • A proven ability to work effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds and languages
  • International travel, study and work experience

It’s this combination of knowledge, skills and experience that differentiate MGB graduates from others. Employers who value these qualities and need them to make their businesses successful have proven to be interested in MGB graduates.

Of course, MGB graduates also have to be smart, savvy, ambitious, intelligent, hardworking and good team players with positive attitudes. These are all personal qualities that anyone must have if they want to develop a great career: employers definitely look for them when they hire. The MGB program helps you to develop these important attributes.

Where MGB interns work
In the MGB program, you will gain first-hand business experience by completing an internship. When it comes to length, role and location, MGB internships are incredibly diverse. Learn about the possibilities.

Where MGB graduates work
MGB graduates find career positions based on the program’s academic and experiential content, including their internship. Additionally, personal qualities, previous qualifications and relevant prior work experience also factor into their career success. Explore the wide scope of career paths our MGB graduates have taken.

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Transferable credits • Applied education • Globally recognized