New Fraser Valley India logo highlights student pathways to Canada

New Fraser Valley India (FVI) logo.

Fraser Valley India (FVI) has a new logo that reflects the institution’s commitment to successful student transitions to Canada.

The new logo symbolizes FVI’s deep Canadian connection, featuring a rising maple leaf, open book pages, and upward pathways.

FVI logo crest symbols explained:

  • The rising maple leaf
    The maple leaf is widely recognized as a national symbol of Canada. Rising from the bottom of the crest, the maple leaf symbolizes Canada being on the horizon for FVI students.
  • The open book pages (top left)
    FVI’s strong reputation for Canadian academic delivery demonstrate the institution’s commitment to student success. The stacked open book pages symbolize the wide variety of academic opportunities and topics students explore during their FVI pathway programs.
  • Pathways (top right)
    FVI pathway programs propel students to be successful in their life and career. The multiple pathways moving upward and outward symbolize the many opportunities FVI students have to launch their careers or pursue additional education in Canada, India, or abroad.

The logo colours mirror those of University of the Fraser Valley (UFV), honouring FVI’s 15-year affiliation with the Canadian institution.