Join a thriving community and create lasting memories

Meet life-long friends, develop your professional network, and create lasting memories with Fraser Valley India’s Student Life and Industry Engagement.

Students stand by Jeeps in Goa, India


Join a community of forward-thinking future leaders. Fraser Valley India’s rich social atmosphere is the perfect environment to learn from your peers and build strong relationships. Your dedicated Student Life team organizes:

-Student clubs
-Etiquette learning classes
-Sports activities and excursions
-Charitable social outreach opportunities

Young male students play pool in the UFV student lounge


Discover the social hub of Fraser Valley India. The Student Lounge is your space to connect with new classmates, test your billiards skills, or read up on the latest industry publication. Features include:

-Pool Table
-Carom Board
-Television and PlayStation
-Latest industry publications
-Study space

Industry Engagement

Begin to build your professional network and get a head start on your career. Gain access to exclusive opportunities with Fraser Valley India’s dedicated Industry Engagement team.


Get exposure to leading companies

Be inspired by exciting career paths and discover the inner-workings of innovative companies. Tour offices of high-tech firms and manufacturing facilities to get a unique perspective of varied industries.

Increase your confidence and build professional connections. Scheduled speaking events from industry leaders provide unique opportunities to ask questions relevant to your field.

Student entrepreneurs launch a set of accessory products


Create, manage, and run your company with mentorship and support from a wide range of industry professionals. By the end of the program, you have hands-on entrepreneurial experience in the planning, human resources, marketing, accounting, and capital funding elements of a start-up. Read the success story of Student Company Program 2018 or listen to the learnings of the Student Company Program 2019.



Join a technology-driven innovation program where you enhance your skills to conquer tomorrow’s tech-first world. From controlling light bulb functionality using a smartphone to programming chips to make everyday life easier, Tech Gear makes you truly future-ready. Get hands-on experience in building robust technological platforms with real-world applications.



Develop your EQ through service-learning with SQS. Empower yourself to recognize problems in society and learn how to draft a plan to resolve them through action. Understand your civic responsibilities and become agents of definitive change and the leaders of tomorrow.

Students stand by Jeeps in Goa, India


Make life-long friends, develop your professional network, and create lasting memories at Fraser Valley India. From Academic Excursions to retreats every Fall and Winter Semester, student trips provide the perfect environment to learn from your peers and build strong relationships.

Co-Curricular Record

Enhance your resume and showcase your skills to potential employers. Your Co-Cuccicular Record (CCR) is an institutionally recognized document, similar to your transcript, that highlights your participation, skill development, learning outcomes, and achievements throughout your time at the University of the Fraser Valley.

CCR sets you apart

Use your CCR to:

-Enhance your resume
-Showcase your skills to potential employers
-Strengthen your graduate school, bursary, or scholarship application


Toastmasters Club

Improve your communication and leadership skills through the time-tested Toastmasters curriculum. Toastmasters is present in 130 countries and embraced by the world’s leading organizations.

Coding Club

Prepare for a tech-intensive world by collaborating with your batchmates. Learn how to build and compete in competitions online. Begin building your programming portfolio from day one.

Entrepreneurship Club

Join a community of forward-thinking future leaders. Get exposed to an ecosystem of growth and learn to nuances of running contemporary businesses.

Photography Club

Nurture your inner creativity and explore visual storytelling. Capture your vision, participate in local competitions, and share your work with your community.

Serving Humanity Club

Support the less fortunate and be a positive force for good in the community. Volunteer to be a part of events that directly impact underprivileged individuals in a meaningful way.

Little Giants Sports Club

Drop-in for weekly sports activities including soccer, cricket, badminton, basketball, and volleyball. Student leaders organize weekly sports activities and promote sports on the Fraser Valley India campus.

Debate Club

Strengthen your debating skills. You train on varied debating formats including extempore, turnabouts, group discussions, Youth Parliament, and Model United Nations.

Dance Club

Grab a partner and learn the Waltz. Practice and master various forms of dance while staying in shape. Join the Fraser Valley India Dance Club at weekly meetings.

Start a club

Share your passion with the Fraser Valley India community.

Speak to an Admissions Officer.

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“I am far better prepared to succeed in Canada and the world having started in India”.


Ekjot Singh Isshpunani