Harmonizing Success: Aashray Gaba’s Melody at FVI

Have you wondered what studying at FVI is like beyond the viewbooks and course curriculum? In this new series, we offer you a glimpse of just that.

This week, meet Aashray Gaba, 3rd Year BBA student currently in UFV, Canada. From leading student clubs to rocking the stage with his band, Soan Papdi, Aashray talks about some of his transformative experiences at FVI.


phot of Aashray Gaba


Tell us a little about yourself. 
I am Aashray Gaba, a 3rd year Bachelor of Business Administration Student with a Marketing major currently in UFV, Abbotsford. Back at FVI, I was a part of many student clubs such as Meraki, Clefs and Quavers, and Sports Club. I was also the president of the Kaleidoscopic Lens Club. Something not many people know about me is that I recently started making my music. 


What do you think is the FVI Advantage? 
 The FVI Advantage is allowing you to prepare for Canada while completing your degree. It offers you the time and space to adjust to the Canadian curriculum at your convenience. Moreover, you have opportunities such as student clubs, SCP and many other activities that prepare you for your professional journey.


What was your favourite project to work on at FVI? 
It’s hard to pick a favourite, I suppose, but if I had to pick one, I would say the Student Company Program. The best part was working with my peers to run a company and apply the theoretical knowledge learned in the classes to real-world scenarios. I thoroughly enjoyed working at Qbiz where the Finale was the best part of it. The overnight preparations, the thrill of being behind the scenes, and witnessing the successful culmination of months of hard work, are unmatched for me even now.


What is your most memorable moment at FVI?
Diwali night fest was the most memorable moment as I performed with our band ‘Soan Papdi’. It was amazing to perform on stage 5 years after my last performance. I never imagined that I would get to perform with my passion for music ever again on a stage. When I saw all my friends and peers cheering for us from the crowd and singing along, it just felt magical.


Beyond academics and practical learning projects like SCP, how has FVI provided opportunities to develop new skills in your area of interest? 
 I started by taking part in SCP where I was the Events manager for Trayverse. Eventually, I was handpicked for Qbiz where I began to work with graphic designing and never looked back. GD came naturally to me. I was provided with multiple other projects thereafter in video editing, photography, and graphic design. The biggest of them being the Lead designer for the inaugural edition of Fraser Cronica. I was given the responsibility of designing the cover page of the magazine amongst other things.


What is the one piece of advice you would like to give our current and prospective students about their time at FVI?
 My advice to current and prospective students would be: if you are planning to come to Canada in the future, you should take part in as many projects such as SCP, Qbiz, and student clubs. You get used to being busy and managing academics and other responsibilities which are similar to having jobs over here. Once you get used to the busy lifestyle and multitasking, it will be a cakewalk for you here in Canada.