Holistic Development at FVI: Nimisha Singh’s journey of growth

Have you wondered what studying at FVI is like beyond the viewbooks and course curriculum? In this series, we offer you a glimpse of just that.

This week, meet Nimisha Singh, a 3rd Year BBA student. She is a great example of the holistic development a student goes through at FVI. Read about her journey of growth!


Tell us a little about yourself
I am Nimisha Singh, a third-year BBA student. Besides my interest in academics, I love taking part in various co-curricular activities. I have participated in numerous programs at FVI such as The Student Company Program, The Qbiz Internship, National Entrepreneurship Weekend, and many more. Also, I have been serving the position of the President of the “Dance to the Beat Club” for more than 2 years now. My love and passion for dancing and sharing this skill with one and all is unlimited. Unknown to many, hidden beneath my everyday persona is an individual who harbours a profound fondness for basketball.

What do you think is the FVI Advantage?
I believe the FVI advantage is unlimited. Starting from the fact that FVI helps you seamlessly transfer to Canada, it is a big bonus for the ones who have never experienced this journey before. Those who don’t know where or when to start, or what documents to provide, have no one out there to guide them through the essentials or have no one abroad to be with and are just by themselves there. I feel that the best part of being in FVI is that while taking the Canadian advantage, you’re near your home and by the time you’re about to take a transfer, you are not alone and there are almost 200 people who know you well and will be there for you when required. Besides this, by spending time in this environment, you become familiar with the Canadian education system, the work culture and the skills needed to be a part of that system. Additionally, here at FVI, an individual transforms in every perspective. You can enhance yourself in many ways such as intellectual growth, professional skills, interpersonal relationships, creativity and whatnot. With the help of the different programs and voluntary activities, you gain a great sense of confidence and the benefit of creating a versatile and comprehensive resume that covers a variety of skills and experiences to fit different job opportunities.

What was your favourite project to work on at FVI?
I have been a part of many interesting activities, events, and programs at Fraser Valley India. However, the project that has a special attachment to my heart is the Qbiz Internship. I vividly remember that before applying, I had second thoughts regarding it and was unsure how the experience would be. But here I am, the Head Intern at Qbiz after being a part of it for the second consecutive year. I have to admit that this has been a wholesome experience for me and has enriched my understanding of various subjects. I learned some new skills and enhanced countless ones such as inventory and logistics management, communication and presentation skills, know-how of database entry, time management, stress management, and teamwork. This journey made me work on attributes such as patience, perseverance, responsibility, confidence and compassion amongst others. The Student Life Department guided us at all steps and enhanced our comprehension across a diverse range of topics and I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that we were their best interns till now! Also, to be honest, I formed some lifelong bonds during this time which I will cherish forever.

What is your most memorable moment at FVI?
Each moment here at FVI has been memorable for me. It is hard to choose just one. However, there is one moment that will forever hold a special place in my heart: my first Diwali celebrations at FVI. I had recently been given the position of the President of the “Dance to the Beat Club” and the Bollywood and Bhangra dance performances at the function were my responsibility. I remember being extremely excited for this opportunity to display my skills, and had been planning the whole dance show for months. I was nervous as I also had to choreograph the performances. I wanted them to be flawless. Finally, the day came, my groups performed, and it was a huge success! I was immensely happy, and relieved, and I felt proud of the achievement. But I must say that this was possible only because of the constant support of my fellow hardworking performers and the faith Saniya ma’am had in me, who saw me capable of carrying out such a big event efficiently. I am and forever will be deeply honoured.

Beyond academics and practical learning projects like SCP, how has FVI given you opportunities to develop new skills in your area of interest?
FVI has been a major contributor to my holistic development. Apart from academics and practical learning projects, I have seen a significant enhancement in the various aspects of my management skills, which also happens to be my area of interest. One interesting skill that I have acquired is Inventory Management by being part of The Qbiz Internship of FVI. By maintaining the stocks, regularly updating the records, and keeping in sync with the requirements of the teams, it made me realise the importance of judicious usage of assets. This was something new to me and I gradually mastered expertise in it. Besides this, being the President of the Dance Club was more challenging than I had thought. By organising numerous events over these three years, I have honed my skills in event management. Right from taking auditions to choreographing and conducting training sessions, handling the different requirements of my team members, dealing with costume vendors to finally conducting the events, I have been able to augment my People Management Skills. However, I accept that this positive change in me would not have been possible without the help of my most respected mentors and friends.

What is the one piece of advice you would like to give our current and prospective students about their time at FVI?
Well, in my opinion, your position in the hierarchy of a setup doesn’t necessarily make you a leader. It’s your diligence, commitment, sincerity, and qualities such as integrity, empathy, and growth mindset that matter. So, leadership isn’t confined to the front lines; you can make a meaningful impact just as effectively from backstage. Hence, my advice to the current and prospective students is to never stop believing in yourself, and be confident of the fact that at FVI you will be recognised by your hard work and the efforts that you put in and not by your rank.