5 Outstanding Student Leadership Opportunities at UFV

5 Outstanding 

Student Leadership Opportunities at UFV

These opportunities are not just simulations — these are real positions of responsibility.

You must have heard the term “Leadership” way too many times over the years, in school, from your parents, in the media, and from many other platforms.

The common definition is “the action of leading a group of people or an organization”, but in reality, leadership is so much more than that. Leadership is a concept that is best understood with practical experience.

Remember, building leadership skills is an important part of the formula to get a top job in Canada.

Now that you have the time and opportunity to apply your learning, establish yourself as a leader.

The best part is, UFV provides you with many opportunities to gain leadership skills during your program. These opportunities are not just a real life simulation but actual positions of responsibility.

Here are five ways you can get leadership experience at UFV:


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Start a student company

Every year, UFV students put in their name to be a part of the Annual Student Company program

After an election process, a team is created from among our students who build a company from scratch and operate it for a year. This team comprises of a CEO, a set of VPs, and other management positions.

You start your own venture, build your team, raise investments, lead the company for one year, and then successfully dissolve it.

Be the President of a student club

Fraser Valley India houses a host of clubs and committees founded and managed by students. You can become the leader of an existing club by getting involved early in your program. Student Life department accepts registrations for at the beginning of a session.

As the leader, you get the opportunity to strategize your plan and implement your vision for the club. Know more about clubs at Fraser Valley India.  

Be the Founder of a new student club

Starting a new community from the ground up teaches you the art of building, helps you understand the importance of interpersonal skills and effective communication. 

You can bring your ideas to life by starting a new club at UFV. You establish your own club charter and create opportunities for your fellow students under the guidance of the UFV Student Life Department.   

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