Am I better off studying in the Indian campus or directly in Canada?


Here are a few things to consider when deciding to pursue a Canadian degree:

  1. Canadian academic pedagogy is completely different than what you are used to and is a clear departure from rote learning
  2. To succeed in Canada, you will need to adjust to cultural and social differences
  3. Moving to Canada means you must navigate a foreign culture, adapt to rigorous academic responsibilities, and master unfamiliar systems all while maintaining top-grades

Here is why Fraser Valley India is the best way to begin your Canadian education:

  1. Take classes from Canadian and international faculty at GGD SD College
  2. Learn Canadian applied educational expectations and balance new academic demands
  3. Prepare to hit the ground running and succeed in Canada
  4. Get industry exposure and make life-long memories with Student Life and Industry Engagement
  5. Make friends who transfer with you to Canada
  6. Save up to 60% on the total cost of your Canadian degree
  7. Personal guidance with visa application
  8. Seamlessly transfer 100% of your credits earned in India
  9. Study at UFV, one of Canada’s best teaching universities
  10. Live in arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth
  11. Be better positioned to succeed in Canada
  12. Hook-in to an engaged network of over 38,000 UFV Alumni

Get the details about how to study in Canada at UFV.