Kaina Churamani’s Marketing Journey: Revealing the FVI Advantage for Student Success

Have you wondered what studying at FVI is like beyond the viewbooks and course curriculum? In this series, we offer you a glimpse of just that.

This week, meet Kaina Churamani, a 3rd Year BBA student currently in UFV, Canada. With a passion for marketing and creative content, Kaina talks about leveraging the opportunities at FVI to map out a path to success.


Tell us a little about yourself. 

Hi, I am Kaina Churamani, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Marketing at UFV in Abbotsford. During my tenure at FVI, I actively engaged in various student clubs including Metanoia, Dance, Meraki, Petite Fooderina, Debate, Gaming and Breakfast, and the Serving Humanity Club. An intriguing aspect about me is my fervour for content creation, presently channelling my passion into the inception of a YouTube channel.


What do you think is the FVI Advantage? 

 FVI? It’s like a launchpad before Canada. They’ve got this amazing knack for shaping you into a ready-for-anything individual. I mean, mentors are everywhere, holding your hand through it all. And programs like The Student Company Program and EPIC? They’re not just activities; they’re skill-building boot camps! They prep you for that big corporate leap, giving you tools and tricks you never knew you needed. It’s like having a backstage pass to the real-world show. 


What was your favourite project to work on at FVI? 

Choosing a favourite among FVI’s array of experiences wouldn’t be fair, but if I had to, the Student Company program steals the spotlight. As the marketing manager, I navigated the intricate world of online and offline marketing, sparking a deeper interest in the realm of digital marketing. Steering our company’s journey didn’t just teach us theories; it was a crash course in practicality. The thrill of running a company from ground zero honed our skills, fueling a surge of confidence that’s priceless in the professional arena. 


What is your most memorable moment at FVI?

One of my most cherished moments at FVI was during the Diwali celebration. I participated in a dance performance and took on a role in the Diwali play. The overwhelming support from my friends, the sheer pride reflected in the smiles of my mentors and teachers, was unparalleled. Witnessing their joy and knowing I made them proud; nothing has quite compared to that feeling. 

Beyond academics and practical learning projects like SCP, how has FVI given you opportunities to develop new skills in your area of interest? 

I kick-started my journey through the enriching Student Company Program, followed by a volunteering role at Qbiz. Steering event management and digital marketing in both positions sparked a fervent interest in this domain. Organizing events and brainstorming innovative ideas became my forte. And my time as a brand ambassador fueled my love for content creation. 


What is the one piece of advice you would like to give our current and prospective students about their time at FVI? 

My advice to current students would be simple: be authentic, vocalize your ideas, and believe in yourselves. At FVI, there’s a world of opportunities, make the most of every single one. Active participation in these activities not only aids in your integration into Canada but also shapes a fulfilling journey ahead. 

Taj Sharma