From Coding to Creativity: Nishant’s Journey at FVI – Embracing Opportunities Beyond Academics

Have you wondered what studying at FVI is like beyond the viewbooks and course curriculum? In this series, we offer you a glimpse of just that.

This week, meet Nishant, 2nd Year BCIS student. A budding entrepreneur, photographer, and singer, representing the dynamic spirit of our community as he talks about his core memories at FVI.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Nishant, a second-year BCIS student at Fraser Valley India. My future aspirations are pointing me toward majoring in cybersecurity at UFV Canada. At FVI, I’m not just hitting the books; I’m diving into various clubs, and I’m the vice president of the Impresario Club, which is all about entrepreneurship.
Oh, not many know, but I find solace in singing. Amidst coding, it’s my go-to for relaxation, bringing a unique rhythm and peace to my life.

What do you think is the FVI Advantage?
The FVI advantage is more than just academics; it’s about easing the transition into the Canadian education system while still here in India. It’s a bridge that helps us adapt to the future Canadian experience while fostering friendships that eventually become our family in Canada. FVI doesn’t just offer academic support; it’s a hub of engaging activities that make learning enjoyable and prepare us for the journey ahead.

What was your favourite project to work at FVI?
Tech Gear and SCP were standout projects for me at FVI. In Tech Gear, developing an app for a Canadian client taught me the ins and outs of real-world software development and client interactions. SCP was equally impactful; crafting lamps allowed us to experience the entire corporate process firsthand. Both projects were hands-on and taught me invaluable lessons about practical skills and business execution.

What is your most memorable moment at FVI?
Being a part of the Student Company Program was life-changing. One of the most memorable moments for me was when our team launched our product after months of hard work and overcoming numerous challenges. The feeling of seeing something we had ideated, designed, and developed come to life was incredible. But beyond the product itself, it was the entire journey that changed me. I learned so much about teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

Beyond academic and practical learning projects like SCP, how has FVI given you opportunities to develop new skills in your area of interest?
FVI has this amazing knack for uncovering hidden talents. I never thought much about photography until I found myself at one of their workshops. Suddenly, capturing moments became more than just a passing interest. Over time, I even started tinkering with video editing, and it turns out, I absolutely love it! It’s been a surprising and incredibly fulfilling discovery outside the realm of my academic pursuits.

What is the one piece of advice you would like to give our current and prospective students about their time at FVI?
I’d say, embrace every opportunity and step out of your comfort zone. FVI offers a wealth of resources, experiences, and chances to grow both academically and personally. Don’t just stick to what’s comfortable or familiar; challenge yourself to explore different courses, join clubs, engage in extracurricular activities, and seek out internships or programs like SCP.

Taj Sharma