Mishi Dogra – Leading The Path To Brilliance

Mishi Dogra – Leading The Path To Brilliance

While the inflow and outflow of students each year is a constant phenomenon here, there is a handful of them that leave a mark and continue to be remembered by all for years to come. Mishi Dogra of the BCIS batch of 2016 is one such alumnus.

A dedicated student, a natural leader, and a go-to friend for all, Mishi has been a versatile student throughout her years at FVI. She was an integral part of the Student Company Program while she aced academics effortlessly. 

Mishi continues to be an inspiration for her peers as well as the juniors. Dive right in to learn more about her journey and experience at Fraser Valley India and beyond!    


Please shed some light on your professional journey and your current job.

UFV has some amazing programs to help students gain experience in the business world. Co-ops, On-Campus Jobs, and events give you the right exposure to communicate and get things done in the most effective manner.

My professional journey started with UFV when I worked for the student company program. After moving to Canada, I worked with UFV International Alumni Association on campus and as a customer service representative at Canadian Tire.

After completing my degree, I worked as a Junior Support Analyst for an Abbotsford-based technology solutions company. Then after gaining adequate experience, I landed my current job as a Senior Technical Analyst/Product Management at Hcareers which is a hospitality job board with offices in Canada and US.


What are your professional aspirations for the next 5 years?

One can never learn everything about technology; it changes every single day! I want to keep myself updated with the new changes and languages that are being introduced. 

For the next 5 years, I want to brush up on everything I’ve learned and make space for the new changes and use those skills to create a solution that would help many collectively for the future. 


In what ways do you think UFV impacted where you are now and where you plan to be?

UFV has been one of the best decisions of my life. The transition from India to Canada would not have been so smooth without the guidance of the professors and the staff. 

I learned that good communication is key, and it will help you the most in tough situations. All the connections from UFV India got to Canada together, so we always had someone to support us. 

There was so much more to explore with Co-Curricular activities, On-campus Jobs, Co-ops,  and amazing events, which also led to meeting new people and understanding different cultures. I gained immense self-confidence by participating in debates and presentations and working with UFV alumni.


How was your experience of studying at UFV India?

I got to enjoy a really comprehensive and all-encompassing experience at UFV India. On the majority of the days of the week, we had both lessons and extracurricular activities like clubs and student company programs.

Particularly, the teachers have expertise in the industry; hence we learn about the most recent technologies available. It is very important not to lose focus while in classes as it gets difficult to catch up with new information every class.

On the other side, clubs and activities like Toastmasters, Festivals, Award Ceremony events, and excursion trips are very engaging, entertaining, and full of life; they teach us many valuable life skills.


How do you think your experience was any different from another student transferring to Canada through any other way? 

FVI gave international students like us the much-needed support structure to help us feel at home and adapt to the new surroundings and culture.

The programs conducted by the Student Life Department, such as peer resource and leadership, the orientation ambassador program, and the UFV lead program, offered all-encompassing support and guidance, serving as an extended family in the community.


How was student life here at UFV India?

My student life was amazing! I got to come out of my shell and participate in every event possible. Sanya Ma’am and Kanika Ma’am were truly amazing. They helped out with every problem, be it Academic or Social. 

I got to make so many new friends and engage in countless activities that taught me the importance of teamwork, respect, and leadership.


What was the one factor that made you choose UFV India?

For me, a key deciding element was the possibility of spending 2 years at FVI and 2 years at UFV Canada. I believed that it was a really effective approach to migrate to Canada, both financially and psychologically. We could master all the essential skills necessary to get ready for our life in Canada. It was a win-win situation, in my opinion.


Tell us more about your experience of the Student Company Program.

The company program is one of the best experiences of my life. As a first-year student getting exposure to important financial decisions and getting a glimpse of how things work in the real business world was an eye-opener. 

The company program gave me the opportunity to travel and reach out to vendors and learn to manage inventory/procurement, and, most importantly, to learn the importance of teamwork in life.


Do you have any advice for the current or prospective students?

Congratulations on joining UFV! Understanding a new method of teaching can be overwhelming at the start but constant attention and focus on achieving your goals is the key. 

UFV is going to be an amazing journey where you’ll learn academic, professional, and social skills. One thing to remember is to always keep an open mind.