Tuition and fees

How much does it cost?

Our programs save you nearly 60% of the cost of a Canadian degree over the course of your education. Students have an option to transfer to UFV Canada anytime after successful completion of their first year.

Undergraduate pathway program annual fees
Installment 1 Installment 2 (Deadline — November 2019)
Tuition Fee 1,50,000.00 Tuition Fee 1,50,000.00
Ancillary Fee  81,875.00 Ancillary Fee  81,875.00
Total  INR 2,31,875.00 + GST Total  INR 2,31,875.00 + GST

Deadline to pay — TBD

Master of Management pathway program fees
Installment 1 Installment 2 (Deadline — November 2019)
Tuition Fee (MPBC) 1,70,000.00 Tuition Fee (MPBC) 1,70,000.00
Ancillary Fee 81,875.00 Ancillary Fee 81,875.00
Total  INR 2,51,875.00 + GST Total  INR 2,51,875.00 + GST


*Tuition and fees listed are based on incoming students only. One year of education has two semesters. **Application & program fees subject to change in subsequent years. Local taxes may apply.

Scholarships and awards

Scholarships and financial grants up to a total of INR 5 Lacs are awarded every year to meritorious students. We are committed to recognizing and rewarding prodigious talent. Scholarships are usually awarded at UFV India’s annual awards ceremony.

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