Code, build, test, train, repeat — Chhayank and the ‘Coding Warriors’

Chhayank and Himanshu Jain came together in their second year to form the Coding Warriors club, with the aim of creating an ecosystem to practice Coding outside of class time. They approached the Student Life department to form this club themselves, and the club got approved in 2019.

Coding Warriors started mainly as a platform for Computer Information Science students to learn the practical application of Coding. The two were surprised to see that almost 60 students attended the first meeting. Not just students from a computer background, but students from all fields were interested in learning something about the vast world of Coding. Although the club’s attendance later decreased to 30 students, it still contains both CIS and Business Administration students.

Chhayank explained that Coding is a useful skill for students in every academic field.

“Our club does not only helps BCIS students with their assigned coursework but also helps BA students develop websites for their businesses.”

Chhayank and Himanshu have both earned certificates in programming and are proficient in different coding languages. Chhayank has always had a curiosity in computers, websites, and digital security and is keen to pass this knowledge to other students.

Chhayank and Himanshu planned and delivered lessons through presentations and fun games for two hours every Thursday. They began by teaching the fundamentals of coding so that all students are on the same level and can grow together, as some students came into the club with no previous knowledge of Coding. They first taught all the basic languages such as HTML, Javascript, and CSS. After students had mastered these necessary skills, they moved on to teach JAVA code, database management systems, digital security and even artificial intelligence to some extent. Everything Coding Warriors does is practical and applicable; students come to get their questions answered and to get help with the diverse projects they are working on.

Different groups in the club are working on various projects to apply what they are learning in their courses and the club. One team is working on a project called Blog Website, a website that provides a platform for bloggers. Another team is working on a data management system, and another still is working on android. The club assists students working on these projects by clarifying any doubts or helping overcome any roadblocks students encounter while coding.

Chhayank has a lot of his own practical experience in Coding outside the classroom. He has worked with Fraser Valley India to create their own Data Management System with a team of six students, led by Professor Assem Raj. The team helped shift from a manual database made up of excel spreadsheets and physical files to one streamlined platform for hosting and managing all the data from various departments. Chhayank is currently collaborating with Home Bazar 15 to develop their website and create an online platform for their outlets.

Teaching this club has pushed Chhayank to learn even more about Coding in his free time so that he can teach quality lessons to other students. Chhayank pushed himself to learn coding languages he had previously been avoiding, such as Java Code, as he had to deliver lessons on this language to the club. He expressed that teaching other students has helped him grow professionally, and the task of teaching is seamless because all the students who attend the club are eager to learn.

Coding is a practical and useful tool for everyone and students like Chhayank are helping make this seemingly tricky skill accessible to students of every academic field.