Dreaming up, high in the sky — Mithat’s flight to success

Unlike a traditional classroom setting inside for walls, Mithat’s classroom views were picturesque. Having a classroom high up in the skies was just a part of it, cruising there all by herself was an incredible feat. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Almost a decade ago, Mithat used to receive her grandmother from the airport. Waiting for her grandmother to check out of the airport, Mithat used to let herself be bedazzled by the jet planes.

“I sort of grew up fascinated by airplanes. I might be 13 years old when I decided to get into aviation, but I never knew how.”

Rumour had it back then that jobs in the aviation industry were on an all-time low. Dashing pillar to post to find more certainty in choosing the right career path, Mithat was stressed to have a backup plan. One fine day, when she got the prospectus from UFV, Mithat got curious.

“If it weren’t for UFV, I wouldn’t be here relishing my dream. For me, it was like a message sent from God. I met Aditya on the first day to know more about the business degree they had back then, and it sounded like a great backup plan for me. As I moved to Canada, the aviation industry saw the boom, and my plan was working out neatly.”

Mithat just accomplished her first solo flight after completing 35 hours of flying. She went through rigorous circuit training around her base airport at Abbotsford. Right before her solo 1200 feet altitude flight, Mithat couldn’t resist biting her nails in nervousness, but she was happy with herself thereafter.

“After my wheels are up and I’m cruising at 1200 ft, I look down and enjoy the tranquillity & silence. Things like being in traffic, working, and the usual hustle-bustle of the city, when I look down, I realize how peaceful earth is, and I understood how small things matter so much.”

While being a pilot may sound fancy, flying can be incredibly consuming and challenging. Mithat says that multi-tasking is the key to be a good pilot. From the instrument cluster to watching everything that happens outside the airplane, a pilot needs to be situationally aware at all times. While flying could demand your complete attention, Mithat recalls an incident where she blacked out while in flight, referring to it as mental fog. Eventually, it would become a habit.

“I was overwhelmed by the number of instruments I had to manage during my initial days at training. After spending hours flying and practicing, I can now handle them easily.”

Meeting friends, keeping a balance between work and university, going to a part-time job and keeping a tab on all developments in the aviation industry, Mithat seems to be living a life she always strived.

She also has a very kind yet a crucial message for all the students who are at the same spot she was, a few years ago. Mithat couldn’t emphasize enough how important it is for every individual to get out of their comfort zone and explore what one truly can achieve.

Getting out of her comfort zone and following her dreams got Mithat cruising at 1200 ft. in the air, who knows where it might take you?